The Rocket Predicament.


Unfortunately, I’m back in America while my brothers and sisters are living in a constant state of terror. I feel incredibly helpless here, and all I want is peace.

I can’t possibly cover the entire conflict in one post, so here is my disclaimer to avoid criticism of leaving other important things out – for now.

The news-coverage in the US makes me ill. Most of the news is reporting how Israel is attacking Gaza, killing innocent people. Poor, poor Palestinian Arabs.

They fail to mention that Hamas is continually attacking Israel, and Israel is doing it’s best to defend itself. Hamas must not be generalized to all Palestinians (who are technically Arab and Jewish!), nor all Arabs, nor all the people of the occupied territories. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Their aim is (purposefully?) pathetic, at first only shooting rockets into open fields, then into major cities, barely causing casualties, thank G-d. (Still, it’s a very scary thought to know their aim is getting better and the range of the rockets is increasing.) However, it makes no sense on their part, other then to ensue terror and panic. If these people really want the land that is Israel, why are they destroying it? They are so careless in their terrorist efforts and fail to see the larger picture. The IDF is strategic. It is successfully targeting Hamas terrorist members, destroying their threatening efforts such as hidden tunnels and artillery supplies, and is trying to limit civilian casualties. Let me make this clear: innocent lives lost, on either side, are tragic. Thankfully, Israel has a Guardian Angel in the form of the Iron Dome, while Gaza militants fire rockets from within civilian areas, in areas they know the IDF will target in return. Because Hamas is a world recognized TERRORIST organization. They are making it seem like Israel is the bad guy here, and the media, at least in the States, is playing right into it.

If this were happening in the US right now, no one would question the necessity to defend this country. To fight back. (Check this out: Everyone would be panicking a thousand times more than the people in Israel and Gaza are right now. For although the situation has escalated there, they are sadly prepared for it. It’s not the first time, and sadly probably won’t be the last. There are bomb shelters everywhere. Every single dorm room at the university I just attended has a bomb shelter room within it. And Israel is only becoming more equipped. Somehow, because they accept that terror in their lifetime is imminent, Israelis are ranked the happiest of peoples. Kudos!!

For goodness sake, Canada took a side on the situation, condemning Hamas for attacking Israel and supporting Israel’s right to defend itself. CANADA, people. CANADA took a side.

Wake up. Read more than one news source from more than one country. Try to realize the reality that your great great grandma’s second cousin twice removed’s daughter’s son-in-law’s grandson’s baby’s family is experiencing. Try to realize that family member could be on either side, because we are related. Try to realize both sides are scared of dying anytime they hear something that may sound like a siren. Try to realize that one side is feeling terror for terror’s sake, while the other is feeling terror due to the strength and precision of the Israel DEFENSE Forces. Try to realize the difference. Try to realize both sides must stop if there is any chance at peace.

עוד יבוא שלום עלינו ועל כולם, سالم סלם


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