2014-03-24 08.28.15After traveling west for quite some time, Isabel and Henry discovered a dirt path and decided to stray from the ordained road. This hardly treaded trail was overgrown with weed-like daisies and lead the pair uphill, with great uncertainty of what laid beyond its peak.

Filled with eagerness, Isabel proclaimed, “I wonder what lays over yonder!”

“Over yonder? Let us seek!” Henry pointed in their intended direction with much fervor.

Adding swiftness to their step, they finally reached the edge. Their eyes glistened with the cool reflection of the coast in close distance. It could have been any ordinary beach, with soft sand fading to seemingly never-ending blue waters. But with a sharp look to the right, the two scraggily adventurers set out for the extraordinary.

As they peered along the coast, they were unable to see the end to the extensive layers of stones that lined the length of this particular beach. 2014-03-24 09.10.29The innumerable rocks formed many massive arches, and the two travelers were mighty curious about the purpose of this construction. Isabel haphazardly climbed the lower level of the stones.

“Oi!” A misshaped rock scraped her thigh on her way up. “Tread carefully, but join me Henry!”

He obediently followed her. They now stood beneath an arch that was only a little taller than 2014-03-24 09.17.30them. Raising their arms, they tried with all their might to lift the structure, but to no avail.

“If we cannot lift it, we must climb atop it!” Henry was determined to conquer the mysterious.

“Agreed! But how?”

“Hm, it seems there’re sand dunes parallel to it. Perhaps, if we walk along them, the sand will eventually be high enough to give us the necessary boost!”


And so the two charged across the plush piles of sand, with each of their strides leaving footsteps in the fine grain earth beneath them. They stumbled upon a footstool.

“It seems as though we are not the first who wished to know what lay upon this edifice,” Henry said with dismay.

“Maybe so, but our predecessors have marked the perfect spot for us to ascend!” Isabel was consistently an optimist.

With one step, Henry accidentally crushed the footstool into the impressionable dune, while Isabel tried to silence her laughter. However, the two were still able to cautiously grab onto the stones and successfully make it to the top. 2014-03-24 09.34.45They stood up slowly and were suddenly overlooking an outstanding portion of the Mediterranean Sea.

To interrupt their pure awe, Henry abruptly whispered, “See there! A patrol!”

Isabel was injected with anxiety and knew not what to do. They stood there, conspicuous and dumbfounded. Fortunately, the patrol passed them, and they were somehow unnoticed.

They began to walk along the uneven roof, noting a diverted basin to one side, only to speculate this might have been an aqueduct.2014-03-24 09.41.51 Being satisfied with their discovery, they descended from the aqueduct and started trekking southbound along the coast.

The sun had grown beamingly hot. To Isabel’s protest, Henry removed his tunic to reveal his repulsively hair torso and ventilate his sweltering body. After walking a couple kilometers, they encountered a colossal slanted wall that seemed to encompass an entire city. 2014-03-24 10.51.09This defensive wall was mounted on the opposite side of a moat. Grinning, Isabel spotted a bridge and she dragged Henry to cross it. With their poor eyesight, they missed a sign that read, “City of Caesarea. Guard on Duty. No beach entrance at penalty of death.”

From above, the two vagabonds heard, “Hark! Who goes there?” A guard intimidatingly interrogated.

“It is I, Sir Henry of Haifa!” Isabel stared at the ground, silently.

“What is your business here?” The guard was incredibly displeased.

“To conquer this land and discover all that lays within it. Have you a problem with my conquest?”

“Indeed I do! It is my duty to execute you now.”

“You may only try!” Henry discretely retrieved his pocket sword and quickly approached the stairs that led to the guard. The guard drew his long shining sword and retreated to the edge of the wall, leaving himself only a narrow passageway to balance. Below, Isabel cringed at the clangs that had begun, truly wishing her companion had not been so proud.

“AHA!” It was Henry’s voice. Isabel slowly tilted her head upward, to see Henry’s foot victoriously placed on the chest of the guard. With steadiness and power, Henry kicked the guard off the wall and into the moat.2014-03-24 10.56.58

“Isabel,” Henry beckoned, “Scale these stairs and join me as the new guards of the city.”

When she reached him, he grunted, “We are watchmen!”

She echoed his tone, “We are watchmen!”

They said in unison, “WE ARE WATCHMEN!”



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