2014-02-06 17.28.56

After spending a long night out in Tel Aviv and staying at the Beachfront hotel, I wake up to join the university’s tour of the old city of Jaffa (Yafo).

Yafo is something like 4000 years old! Now what we mostly are able to see is from the Ottoman period.2014-02-07 08.47.46

Something I did not realize…Tel Aviv is only 100 something years old! It was the first modern city made by the Zionist movement in the early 1900s. It’s probably one of the reasons I do not like Tel Aviv as much as some other cities in Israel. I appreciate the ancient history of Israel too much, and Tel Aviv is and feels too modern. But that’s why it was made, to add a modern appeal to draw more people to Israel. Apparently, the municipality just installed city-wide 2014-02-07 10.31.51Wifi!!

2014-02-07 10.48.24

Viewing Something New from Something Old








2014-02-07 10.33.18


Know the story of Jonah and the whale? He took a ship to run away from G-d (nice try, Jonah…) from the port in Jaffa!

King Solomon wanted tall strong high trees, so he imported cedars from Lebanon to Jerusalem through the Jaffa port.

The land used to have orchards and orchards 2014-02-07 09.38.19of oranges of the best quality. They discovered a new species, called something like the shamuti, which had a thick peel to keep out bugs. This floating tree represents that we are sadly now disconnected from our roots in more ways than just the orange tree…





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