Camping on the Kineret



Deciding to go away for the weekend was definitely worth it. We made our way to Tiveria (Tiberias) for the weekend. Getting off the bus, we ask the taxi drivers where it was possible to camp. One of them said he knew a great spot with a great view.

20140127-234203.jpgSatisfied, we hop in the taxi, get dropped at a spot, ask the first people where we could camp, and were told it was not allowed here. We go ask information where else we could camp, and they said it’s not allowed here. WE KNOW THAT! They were not very helpful, but we got a map and continued on our way. So, with just a minor detour to the touristy kibbutz Ginosar, we ended up in a beautifully perfect spot directly on the shore of the Kineret (Sea of Galillee). 20140127-234253.jpg

We had an amazing night filled with yummy food, quality bonding time, and a warm fire which we were told to put out because we were on a “chof yaroke” (green shore).  At first I was slightly confused at what this random guy meant by that, thinking literally the color green rather than eco-friendly. In the morning, I happen to notice something that looked like a trail marker. We decide to follow it, and encounter a sign that read “שביל סביב לכנרת,” or “trail around the Kineret.” Awesome find!!! We also encountered a group of very funny Israeli old people going in the opposite direction with hiking canes. If they could do it, we definitely could! So, a new adventure began. We follow the trail that squiggled through farm area, a part with huge dark rocks to hop across, and a bunch of bamboo walls. At one point, after going down a set of dirt steps, we could have gone up another set of dirt steps and follow the trail, or stray momentarily. Straying was probably our best decision during the whole trail. We treaded through a bunch of vegetation, walking in the direction of the water without really knowing where we were going. We were essentially underground, seeing roots from above. We could tell we were in an area where there used to be water, marked most noticeably by the stain marks against the dirt wall beside us. We finally break clear of the bamboo arch that surrounded us, to rejoice in the sight of water. Trying to see how close we could get to the water, I toss a big stepping stone onto shallow water so we could easily get onto a sandbar.  We sat down and ate lunch there, with water surrounding us on all sides. So, we essentially had lunch IN the Kineret! EPIC! We then headed back to the trail and pass a few older people, who we kindly said Shabbat Shalom to. Turns out, after some Jewish geography, they of course knew a couple families from Boca. I love Jew world. 😀


Ironically enough, the trail lead back to Ginosar. Which was more than okay, because we got the opportunity to take down this tree with our bare hands (jokes), take a little break from our trek, go into the museum, and walk out on their long dock.




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