Ultimate Ulpan


What, what, I was placed in the highest level Ulpan offered! I’m seriously loving the etymology of the new words we are learning.

לבגוד ב..
To betray; The shoresh, or root, of this word is ב. ג. ד. It sounded familiar, so I asked if it had the same root as the word בגדים, which means clothes. It traces back to the beginning of time, when Adam and Eve betrayed the words of Gd, they were punished with the feeling of shame, and from then on had to wear clothes.

להאמין ב..
To believe in; the shoresh of this word is אמן. Amen is what we say after each blessing. This is so intriguing because essentially we are pronouncing the confirmation of our belief in the words that have just been spoken.

לדקור; to stab; i.e. with the tip of a knife

20140127-164619.jpgלחתוך; To slice;

חתיך: means “hott,” because dang boy, you a slice 😉

Invaders; same shoresh as פלישתים, our enemies!

Tomato; know in other languages as “Apple of love”; this word was made by Rabbi Eliyahou Something, and in his time everyone was enjoying sleeping together and unfortunately contracting syphilis. The word “to flirt” is לעגוב, and עגבת is syphilis. Therefore, the tomato was dubbed עגבנייה.

Jokes of the day, as told by our lovely teacher:
?יש לו חלון הזדמנויות. מה יש לנשים
חלון על יד הכיור

?למה הכנסת בעיגול
כי כיכר לא יכול להיות ברבוע

If you bothered to translate those or know what they mean, hope they brought you a little laugh! להיתראות!


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