Prepare for landing


1-15-14 Everything went smoothly in terms of flying. I even got to be someone’s first real life English conversation partner. It is so surreal that I have finally returned home. Here is a classic plane wing picture:


What you are actually looking at is quite miraculous. It is the sun, shining onto and through clouds, and reflecting off the water that greeted me in Tel-Aviv. You are welcome for the rare view.


I was welcomed joyously by my amazing cousin Falynn, who is temporarily letting me stay with her in Jerusalem. We went out for delicious sushi, and I decided that I want to try to eat new things while I am here. So, I ordered sushi sandwiches with SWEET POTATO in them! Then, I somehow managed to navigate my way to and from Ben Yehuda Street on the bus with limited complication. I got to see my best friend Mosh, who I have not seen in too long!!! Our dream of being in Israel together is reality. That is something I cannot get over. The joy that this country and good people bring me is overwhelming.

And with that…

Layla tov!


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