Word of the day: דרכון


1-3-14 I haven’t left for Israel yet and I already don’t want to leave. I have my student visa permanently stuck to my passport valid for a whole year. In Universal Studios, my aunt got me a Hogwarts passport holder. Hogwart’s Latin phrase is “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus,” which roughly means never tickle the sleeping dragon. I’ll just tickle him a little bit, hop on his back and be up and away. Even if we have to dodge flying meteors, I think I’ll navigate the sky matter that remains with ease.



Platform nine and three-quarters, ready for blastoff!


I had the rare honor of witnessing the Quadrantids Meteor Shower on my sister Carrie’s 23rd birthday. She is my one genuine example of the need to appreciate each waking (and resting) moment. It was a moment like no other; just as the frustrating white worldly ceiling of clouds began to part, our gaze drifted toward the clearing skies, and a meteor flew through that very spot.

I want each moment I spend in the homeland to be filled with a similar yet exceeding excitement as each meteor citing. I want each moment there to be cherished even more than the fleeting miraculous meteors.


Let the excitement never end, and let us cherish every moment of it.


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