Today, my students and I drew our feelings.


11-21-13 This morning, I woke up before my alarm, which is quite a rarity for me. Before my eyes were even open all the way, I roll over and check my phone. My eyes widened with excitement as they previewed the words “Haifa” and “Congratulations.” It is now all I can think about. All that negative anxiety in applying can now be converted to anxious happiness in returning to my homeland.

I don’t believe in coincidence. Just last night, I was writing a song basically yearning for Israel. It kept me awake longer than I would have liked, too. It goes a little something like this:

I’m in one place, but I can’t stay still

Picturing your face, holiness and hills

There’s been a long-standing yearning

to escape the burning (that is galut)

and I hope to make my dreams reality beams

reflecting from the City of Gold

That’s where my heart is

Must be why it’s so warm

That’s where my start is

In rediscovering my soul

My passion for this land

precedes any man

So I follow my right hand

And adventure away

as I learn about the history

of every brick and every mystery

hidden in the mountains

hidden in the deserts below

hidden in the tunnels

hidden in the sea that is so low

each cite is so new and with every breathtaking view I know it’s….

where my heart is

must be why it’s so warm

it’s where my start is

in re-discovering my soul

with each word spoken here’s to hoping I become one who belongs

with each word learned I’m farther from where I’m from

אנשים שמה משוגעים
אז אני יודעת שזה המקום בשבילי
לעשות רעש, לרקוד ולשתות
לראות ים סוף, טבריה, ועוד
להתפלל בכותל
להיות קרוב
לה׳, לעצמי, ליהודים וחברים

So, granted, my acceptance was a fantastic way to awaken.

Today’s SHIP (School Health Interdisciplinary Program) lesson was about feelings and healthy ways to express them. We discussed journaling, artistic expression and meditation. So here I am, creating a blog for my adventures. This is what I drew during the lesson.

20131121-232709.jpg Drawing is clearly not my preferred artistic expression. My students thought it looked like a strange diamond. Altonasia exclaimed in song, “Shine bright like a diamond!” And seriously, I feel like I am radiating joy. My acceptance is a blessing.

I tried going to yoga later to calm my excitement and clear my mind, which temporarily worked.

I really need to get back to studying for my exam that is tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed my first of many blog posts!

Peace and love,

Kira, International School Student at the University of Haifa, Spring 2014


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